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For a long time now, studies have been showing us that exposure to music at an early age can have a positive effect on your childs development as an infant, but did you know there are even greater benefits to having them learn to play an instrument? Odds are that they won’t become a musical prodigy, but it will have […]
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It’s a widely known fact that a balanced diet is important to a child’s growth and development, but did you now that it can also have an affect on your child’s abuilty to learn? The truth of the matter is that just as too many sweet treats can lead to hyperactivity, and tantrums, poor nutrition can have an equally adverse […]
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  • Many thanks to Britt & Jen from otfmardaloop for the amazing presentation with the Summit Kids management team. Ca…

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    RT @AdamMGrant: Don't ask kids what they want to be when they grow up. It encourages them to define themselves in terms of work. Instead,…

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    RT @JohnsCrazySocks: Happy World Down Syndrome Day! John has a question for you? Are you wearing crazy socks? If you are tag us #johnscra