Summer Camp in YYC


Sun, Fun, Friends, Laughter and Lots of Fresh Air!

Summit Summer is a sister program to the award-winning Summit Kids program. This innovative summer program takes up residence at West Hillhurst Community Association (1940 6th Ave NW Calgary).

In order to attend Summit Summer, children must be between the ages of 5 -12 and born before December 31, 2018.

We have split our Summit Summer program into three different components, catering to each age group and their individual interests and needs! Our Leaders will ensure that your children are safe, having fun, and engaged in interesting activities.

Kids will go home tired and happy after a full day of fun, games, art & crafts, experiments, sports & recreation, indoor and outdoor shinanigans, DIY projects, and so much moreSummit Summer creates an environment in which they can learn, explore, imagine, play, and make lifelong friends – Summer Camp – The most fun they’ll have all year!


More about Summit Summer:

Summit Summer is the ultimate summer camp for children and in support of families. With its wide range of activities and experienced staff, Summit Summer is the perfect choice for parents who want their children to have an unforgettable summer experience at an affordable rate.

Why choose a monthly membership? 

As a licensed summer camp Summit Summer is able to accept Child Care Subsidy and Affordability Grant to supplement payments. With these government supports, rates are drastically reduced. Got 2 kids or more? We also offer an extra 10% discount for additional siblings enrolled. Even if you have long weekends away and extra vacation weeks planned the cost is so low that you can do it all and still have the comfort of reliable childcare all summer long.

At Summit Summer, your child will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities such as sports, arts and crafts, and educational games. Our amazing staff also take the time to find out what your kids are into and adjust activities to ensure that their personal interests are part of the fun!

Our programming will include swimming, outings, and field trips! Our certified professional staff are trained to provide a safe and supportive environment for children to grow and learn. Your child will develop important life skills such as independence, teamwork, and problem-solving, which will help them succeed in school and later in life.

No suprise that swimming is one of our most popular activities and is perfect for children who love to be in the water. Your child will have the opportunity to improve their swimming skills and gain confidence in the water. For those younger kiddos we’ll be visiting the splash park regularly to cool off and have fun in the sun.

Our outings and field trips will provide your child with the opportunity to explore and learn about the world around them. We have carefully selected destinations that are both educational and fun, such as local interest spots, nature reserves, and more. Your child will have the chance to experience different situations and environments, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

At Summit Summer, kids will also have the opportunity to socialize with peers and make new friends. Our camp provides a welcoming and inclusive environment that fosters positive social interactions and personal growth. Our experienced staff are trained to provide support and guidance to help children develop important social skills such as communication and empathy.

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Our mission at Summit Kids is to make a better world, one child at a time. 

Successful Learners

Having the enthusiasm and motivation for learning.

Confident Individuals

Having self-respect, a sense of physical, mental & emotional well-being, and relating to others.

Effective Contributors

Having a positive attitude, resilience, respect for others, and the elements of a good civil society.

How does Summit achieve this?

Building on how children think, learn and behave and supporting them to develop friendships that foster a sense of connection, security, and build self-confidence. At Summit, children’s creative abilities are nurtured; allowing them to express themselves, understand others, and navigate complex social & emotional climates.

Our programming is designed to balance cognitive, social, and emotional development and behaviour; it’s not a matter of left or right brain, but rather the whole child. 

  • Coaching
  • Relationships
  • Evidence-based Programming
  • Community Resources
  • Whole Child/Whole Body
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Health & Safety

We know you’re worried about keeping your child stays safe and healthy.  We got you.

Our team is not only keeping up with the current health guidelines but we’re exceeding them.  Here’s just a few things we’re doing:  

  • DAILY health assessments for ALL staff prior to entering the building
  • FREQUENT hand-washing and hand sanitizer
  • HOUSEKEEPING staff roam the building to ensure all high-touch surfaces are cleaned often
  • REGULAR cleaning of the playground structure
  • nightly SANITIZING of toys, games, chairs, tables and sports equipment

It’s different at the top


(just ask our members)
WHCA Kindergarten Performance

The show was wonderful. It was so much fun to come and watch the performance that the kids worked so hard and so diligently on for months.

- Joanne & Scott S.
Wonderful Leaders

The leaders that we have had at Summit have been nothing short of amazing, especially this year. Mr. James and Miss. Olivia have been outstanding and we will miss them desperately. We are sorry that your program is not in our school, St. Cyril. And I just really wanted to communicate that you about how awesome everyone has been and that those leaders you got are gems.

- Angela C.
Caring & Attentive About Their Families

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! 
It feels like you guys really pay attention and care about your families and I really appreciate it. Keep it up, its so refreshing to find this kind of care and attention in service these days!!!  You knocked my socks off!!

- Cori W.
Kind & Caring

Both of my children attend Summit Kids at the Terrace Road School. Ms. Jess and Ms. Jodi have been absolutely fabulous. I cannot thank them enough for their kindness and care. You are very lucky to have such dedicated and enthusiastic employees. They truly deserve to be recognized for their hard work and the positive ways in which they represent Summit Kids. Thank you

- Amie L.
Professional & Friendly

Mr. James and his team do an excellent job and the kids are happy.
They're very well organized and their programming is always interesting and varied. Not only do they really care about the children, but Mr. James and his staff are always professional and friendly with parents.

- Sean F.
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About Us

Summit Kids is an enriching program with a fresh and innovative approach to out-of-school time. We have created an environment that encourages all children to achieve their best while having fun being a kid.