We are not talking about academics...We are talking about being human.

Tyler Alton

As the Vice President of Business Development, Tyler’s primary focus is to make Summit Kids available to as many children as possible. Tyler brings over a decade of business management and strategic planning to Summit Kids and is the catalyst behind our Franchise Division. Keeping up with the constant community demand for Summit Kids growth is definitely a full-time job. Tyler also ensures SummitU continues to bring valuable and relevant information to children, parents, and industry professionals.

Summit Kids started out as a place that would simply offer “better” programming. As time went on we became a valued and trusted partner in the development and growth of our “Summit Kids”. That doesn’t just happen. It takes dedicated and caring staff, great vision, willing partners (our school communities and parents), fantastic, creative and unique programming and most important…great kids. We became that place between home and school where kids actually want to spend time learning new things, and even more importantly, play.