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What a Success! Operation Christmas Stock’ers & the Women’s Centre of Calgary 2014

Thanks to many generous families, individuals, and groups, we were able to make "Operation Christmas Stock'ers 2014" a wonderful success! Your kindness will help many women and children in Calgary this holiday season. We received tons of donations in the form of toys, games, gift cards and through the reusable bags donations from our UES Campus as well. The spirit of giving was very apparent this festive season as every part of Summit Kids was involved to the fullest: the Summit Kids decorated the bags, the Campus Leads gathered them together, and the management team delivered them to the Women's Centre of Calgary on December 17th, 2014.


Some of the donations on campus                     


All of the gift bags (and more) were brought to the corporate office    


  …and $600 worth of gift cards were purchased by the money raised by the UES Campus re-usable bag sale