Summit Summer strives to provide Calgary families with the highest quality out-of-school time by way of innovative learning, nurturing environments and enriched programming. In addition to our supportive staff and environments, we provide creative learning experiences through relevant technology, performing arts, and child-led initiatives. Typical activities include:

  • Sports and recreational activities both outdoors and in the gym
  • Daily swimming (weather dependent)
  • Arts & crafts
  • Challenge activities
  • Tournaments
  • Board games
  • Puzzles, cards
  • Building with manipulative equipment
  • Endless opportunities to learn through play


A few words from our very fond members.  

Only minutes from downtown at our WHCA Campus in north central Calgary.

1940-6 Ave NW
Calgary, AB T2N 0W3

July 2- August 30, 2019
8:00am – 5:00pm daily with additional 1-hour pre-care and post-care options available.

Programming is provided for all children ages 4 – 15.
This is a great opportunity for soon-to-be kindergartners to be introduced to The Summit Experience – they will find out how much fun they will be having in our out-of-school programs come Fall 2019.

Cancellation Policy

Over 30-days • Full refund minus 10% administration fee
30-day cancellation • 50% refund
14-day cancellation • No refunds given
Late pickup fees • $1 per minute

This Year's Weekly Themes:

A week of playing Summit Survivor is the best way to kick off our Summer! Through a series of tasks and friendly competitions, our groups will be working on their leadership & teamwork skills, while getting to know their peers and Summit Leader team.

This week is all about discovering the hero within each and every one of us! Each day, we will practice our superhero skills through different types of play that involve jumping, aiming and balancing. On top of that, the kids will have the opportunity to design their very own superheroes.

Chemistry, physics, outer space… you name it! Our science week will focus on the scientific method and developing the skills of hypothesizing, observation, and analysis.

Learning about the ocean can be beneficial to everyone. Especially when it comes to the importance of protecting the largest ecosystem on our planet! We will explore life under the sea through nature, crafts, storytelling and of course… some wild water games!

Children will spend the week learning the importance of different community helpers and services through activities and games. They will see the vital role that paramedics, firefighters, and police officers play in our community. To top it all off, we will be taking time throughout the week, helping amongst our local community, aiming to teach the kids just how much of an own impact we can make as individuals, and as a team!

This week is all about enhancing teamwork skills, athleticism, and knowledge about overall health. By introducing a variety of different active games and sports, we aim to teach the important role of exercise on the body and mind. Additionally, we will be incorporating the significance of caring for your body through healthy eating and different forms of self-care.

Exploration into different cultural experiences through food, music, language, and dance is extra important for a young mind. This week offers the opportunity for the kids to explore all the beauty and variety humanity has to offer. Around the World week will also open the door for the children to educate their peers and leaders about their very own cultures as well.

“This Summer I won a game of human-sized chess” or “We played Jenga with a tower that was taller than me!” are just a few things you might hear after picking your children up during Week 8. Challenge Weeks will present the kids with an incredibly wide range of obstacles course for the body and mind.

This week all about anything and everything FUN! As our summer comes to a close, it is important to remember all the memories, experiences, and amazing friends we have made. What better way to close out your Summer than with a smile on your face and exhilarating send off to begin a new school year!

Summit Leader in Training

(*For ages 12-15 FREE programming)

As a Leader in Training, you get the best of both worlds:

Learn to be a leader through hands-on experience and have fun with your peers. You will be paired with a day camp group to help run art projects and games, learn valuable leadership skills through team building activities and gain work experience.


For more information on the Leader in Training program, please contact us at

Who Are The Summit Summer Coordinators?

Summit Summer Leaders will ensure that they are safe, having fun and engaged in interesting activities. We value initiative, enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence. Typical program plans include sports and recreational activities both outdoors and in the gym, arts & crafts, challenge activities, tournaments, board games, puzzles, cards, building with manipulative equipment and endless opportunities to learn through play. Summit Summer strives to provide the utmost quality care for the families we serve. We accomplish this by promoting leadership, peer mentoring, modeling good choices and supporting positive life-long habits. In addition, we provide creative learning experiences through technology, performing arts and create a strong foundation for child-led initiatives.

We have taken all of our programming from our Summit Kids program and combined it all into one spectacular Summer program, operating out of West Hillhurst Community Association (1940-6 Ave NW)

Have any further questions? Get in touch!

West Hillhurst Community Association

1940 6th Avenue NW
Calgary, AB T2N 0W3