Hey parents, a revised Affordability Grant is on the way for Calgary daycares!

Written by Vitor Martins

December 28, 2023

Earlier this month, the Government of Alberta announced a funding increase under the  Affordability Grant, lots has changed in the Calgary daycare world. The goal for the government is to get daycare fees down to around $10-25$ a day by 2026.


First of all, what is the difference between Subsidy and Affordable Grant?

Yes, many parents have that question, it could be tricky. Let me try to explain it!


  • Affordable Grant is available for: every child aged 5 and under (kindergarten age and under), and Summit Start takes care of all the details. 
  • Subsidy is available to all eligible children in care from 0-12 years, however parents must apply for this themselves and it is based on family income.


The question is, how much will it cost for parents?

The daycare Affordability Grant is based on a few criteria; the age of your child, and how many hours your child is registered for at Calgary daycare, like Summit Start.


Since rates might be different for each age, daycare and so on, for us at Summit Start, we should focus on the fact the rates are lowering overall for all families (regardless of income) and additionally families that make under $180,000/annually are eligible for additional support in the form of Child Care Subsidy up to $266.


Let’s start with how much of the daycare affordability grant you might receive. Look at the picture below.

revised Affordability Grant table

When and How Will This Daycare Grant Be Available?

Good news! The Affordable Grant will be available on Jan 1st 2024! Great, right?!


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