Presenting the newest Calgary Daycare – located within the Cityscape Community

Written by Vitor Martins

November 24, 2023

Centered in the vibrant community of Cityscape NE Calgary, our newest Daycare – Summit Start shows a modern and nurturing facility! 


Nurturing Brilliance Through Emergent Curriculum in Calgary’s Cityscape Community


In the vibrant city of Calgary, c that embraces emergent curriculum, enriching young minds in the heart of the dynamic Cityscape community. At our Calgary Daycare, we champion the brilliance within every child. Our nurturing daycare environment embraces diverse talents, celebrating brilliance in unconventional ways.

Summit Start: A Progressive Journey Celebrating Brilliance at Every Stage

 In the Libby Room, from 6 months old, children embark on a journey of sensory exploration and play, fostering wonder and curiosity. The Griffin Room, for ages 19 months and beyond, balances parallel and group play, promoting independence and social skills. The Parker Room, starting at 3 years introduces preschool education through Summit Steps, emphasizing independent exploration and hands-on learning.

The Alex Room, starting at 4, signifies our Summit Launch program, supporting academic and social growth as children prepare for kindergarten. Summit Start is dedicated to celebrating and nurturing brilliance, offering a unique approach from gentle beginnings to advanced learning opportunities. Our commitment to recognizing diverse brilliance aims to change the world—one child at a time. 

The emergent curriculum at Summit Start Daycares instills a lifelong love for learning, setting a strong foundation for a child’s educational journey. Explore more about our enriching early childhood education at Daycare!

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